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it partisan style. we have one for the obama drinkers and one for the romney drinkers. >> the obama drink is called obama's home sweet home. it features bullet bourbon and i'm going to have start by adding some ice to the shaker here. >> all right. and you say this is sort of the -- >> this is actually a modern interpretation of the ricky. >> the ricky which you say is washington's kind of most popular drink. >> official cocktail. with an ounce and a half of this. >> okay. >> ounce -- three quarters ounces sorry of pineapple juice. >> all right. i have to move you along a little bit. >> three quarter ounces of lime juice. >> okay. >> pineapple juice of course being referenced to obama being from hawaii. >> hawaii. it'd be hawaiian roots. all right. so you shake it up. and that's that one. >> just going to add a little bit of club soda to the cocktail. now the romney drink now. >> romney drink is the root beer sort of floaty drink right? >> the romney drink is a traditional nonalcoholic beverage, we know president -- governor romney does not touch the hard stuff. >> that's right. we've got
power in the aftermath of superstorm sandy. we're going to take a live look right now of seaside, new jersey. devastated by the storms. president obama is going to tour the damage in new jersey later today. we have a report now from atlantic city. >> reporter: president obama will be getting a firsthand tour today of the massive damage sandy inflicted on new jersey. along the jersey shore, the superstorm washed away the pier at seaside heights leaving ferris wheels and roller coasters in the ocean. >> to see the steel you structures lying in the ocean, it gives you an idea how powerful the storm with us. >> reporter: the new jersey governor chris christie will ask the president for help rebuilding the beaches. >> we'll do what we can to rebuild as quickly as we can. >> reporter: cuisine foes are losing about $5 million a day. regulators plan to visit each casino today before deciding when they can reopen. the destruction is widespread across new jersey. in hoboken, streets are flooded. more than two million people across the state are without power and new jersey's transit system is n
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2